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Gernot Fellner aus Muenchen

Donnerstag, 17-12-09 11:21

Dear Tom,
Congratulations to your new website! Its really a great one.
I wish you all the best for your upcoming projects and feel honored to work alongside with you.


Tom Glagow aus Munich

Freitag, 13-11-09 15:16

Dear all! It's done! Thank you Sven. I Like the homepage ;-)

The Hang All Stars feat. Don Grusin, Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Nils Wülker, Wolfgang Schmid & Will Kennedy had there last Show in Hamburg yesterday. Also Tower Of Power had a party in Hamburg at the Fabrik. PSP played in Munich... They are all going to other countries, or home now!

What a month I had!!! I`m done too... I will take a small vacation over the weekend and come back on Monday!

Dear Robert Emke: R.I.P

Love, T O M


Sven Gordon Williams aus Hamburg

Donnerstag, 12-11-09 16:30

Dear Tom, here we go... your new website is now online. I wish you good luck and a great time with the Care family. I am proud to be part of it...

Love, Sven



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