Edelkultur Vertrieb für C.A.R.E. Music Group

edelkultur and the C.A.R.E. Music Group, the label founded by Tom Glagow in October 2008, signed a distribution agreement during this year’s jazzahead exhibition. The contract includes new releases by Tower Of Power feat. Tom Jones & Joss Stone, Jonatha Brooke feat. Joe Sample & Steve Gadd, the Coryell Auger Sample Trio, C.A.S.T. for short, and Don Grusin’s “The Hang” album feat. Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour with their major all-star tour in November, as well as recordings by French pianist Clara Ponty and vocalist Kim Sanders feat. Roberto Di Gioia, Christian Prommer & Matteo Scrimali and 3ergezimmeR, a power trio consisting of Benny Greb, Frank Itt and Peter Wölpl, in autumn. With the C.A.R.E. Music Group, Glagow, former managing director at Global Chrysalis Music Publishing Germany, is offering his globally renowned network of publishing, recording, management, consulting and promotional services not only to artists from the international jazz pop genre, but has also taken over the management of German musicians such as Nils Wülker, Wolfgang Haffner and Wolfgang Schmid.

Tom Glagow, proprietor of C.A.R.E. Music Group: “I would like to thank Dirk Mahlstedt and Simon Schulz and the whole edelkultur team for the confidence they have shown in me. We have complemented each other perfectly in recent years during my time at Global Chrysalis, whether it was on projects such as Bluey’s Incognito, Nils Wülker or D’Sound. edelkultur have always impressed me with their continuously high standards. We’re on the same wavelength when it comes to good music, and that’s something which has become rare in this industry. At the same time, I would like to thank my label partner Karsten Jahnke for his confidence and support in making my dream come true. Without Karsten it would have been impossible to realise what is being created here. Keep swinging.”

Karsten Jahnke: “There are few people with whom I can share my burning passion for jazz. Luckily, Tom Glagow is one of them. I have rarely met more enthusiasm and expertise in a person. When he told me about his plans for a new label, I couldn’t help but ask him whether he happened to be looking for a partner. I am really looking forward to our cooperation. I am delighted that Tom has decided on edelkultur as the label’s distribution partner because I have worked successfully for many years with Dirk Mahlstedt and Michael Salamon, who look after the distribution side of my label, Pinorrekk.”

edelkultur’s managing director Dirk Mahlstedt: “Fortunately, Tom Glagow has decided to bring his experience, expertise and network, which suits the orientation of edelkultur’s repertoire perfectly, as well as publishing and management services to his new label. In cooperation with our highly valued partner and longstanding friend of the company, Karsten Jahnke, we worked intensively at recruiting the C.A.R.E. Music Group for our distribution services and are very happy about their decision to embark on a joint venture with us in future.”