Burgstaller Martignon 4 - Bach's Secret Files and More Crossover Fantasies

The New York City-based BM4 (BurgstallerMartignon4) vaulted into the top 50 US Jazz-Radio Charts starting with the very first week of their first release, Mozart's Blue Dreams & Other Crossover Fantasies. Their music combines Jazz and Classical into an organic hybrid that has simultaneously ignited the excitement of both Classical and Jazz fans alike.

The pioneers of the Crossover movement took music where it had never gone before, combining Jazz, Classical and many more styles, erasing boundaries and profoundly influencing the generations of musicians that grew up listening to their innovative cross-genre creations.

As a result there now exists a new breed of musician, one who is comfortable and proficient in many styles and genres, capable of switching back and forth with ease, co-creating without limitation, all the while staying true to MUSIC and taking the audience on extraordinary journeys!

The BurgstallerMartignon4 (BM4) are:

Joe Burgstaller - Trumpets (Soloist, Peabody Institute, ex-Canadian Brass & Meridian Arts Ensemble)

Hector Martignon - Piano (Grammy, Tony & Oscar nominated, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Paquito D'Rivera, Mambo Kings)

Hans Glawischnig - Bass (Grammy nominated, Chick Corea, Ray Baretto)

John Ferrari - Percussion (Naumburg Award, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center)


Burgstaller Martignon 4 - Mozart's Blue Dreams & Other Crossover Fantasies

After eight years, trumpet player Joe Burgstaller split from “Canadian Brass“ to start his solo career. Together with pianist Hector Martignon, drummer John Ferrari and bassist Hans Glawischnig he formed the band Burgstaller Martignon 4. The band cross every limit of classical music as we know it with bags of humour and a deep love of Mozart. An unusual and very entertaining journey one might either refer to as classical music for jazz-fans or jazz for classical music lovers: a unique, light-hearted and humorous concoction of swinging jazz and classical music.

Joe Burgstaller  - trumpets (soloist Canadian Brass)

Hector Martignon - piano (multiple Grammy nominated soloist, composer and arranger, percussionist)

John Ferrari - bass (Naumburg Award winner, Meridian Arts Ensemble)

Hans Glawischnig - percussion (Grammy nominated, Chick Corea, Ray Baretto).