Ikiz - Checking In

IKIZ aka Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz is a versatile drummer, percussionist and composer. His repertoire ranges from jazz to funk to popmusic. He was born in Istanbul and grew up in Stockholm where he founded his first band, named “Straight Ahead”, in primary school already. Subsequent to his studies in Los Angeles with Joe Porcaro, he toured the world with various groups. Beeing awarded twice as “Best Percussionist” by the Swedish Royal Music Academy, he received the Jazz-Award of the Royal Academy in 2004.

IKIZ has played all continents and in more than 30 countries with various groups and projects, amongst them Don Grusin, Joe Sample, the NDR Big Band, Nils Landgren, Magnum Coltrane Price and Magnus Lindgren. Together with Lindgren, he composed and produced all songs on the album. Special guests on “Checking In” are China Moses (Vocal), Nils Landgren, Lars Danielsson (Bass) oder Melo (Vocals). A truly self-contained album, that is renewing the sound of 70th and 80th fusion, but doesn´t get lost in quotes. Not a typical percussionist album though. IKIZ is leading and accompanying the same time. Just now, the music makes you feel like joining a jazzclub in Berlin or New York, but the very next minute brazilian rhythms take you out of the club and right into the streetlife of Rio! This album knows no bounds or genres and still, it is truly authentic. A masterpiece!