Lutz Häfner & Rainer Böhm - Deep

Till Brönner on "Deep": "When it comes to different types of musical performances there is only one true royal league apart from a solo-performance: The duet. Exploring this field is certainly a special moment in every artist`s career, because it needs two extreemly skilled individuals, breaking new ground by overriding every rule and suspending any vanity. Therefore, no wonder that such projects are scarce. They demand extremes. However, in this particular case the outcome is wonderfully rich in content and showcase the key element of jazz (today just as hundred years ago): Interaction in Improvisation!

 The musical exchange of Lutz Häfner and Rainer Böhm can hardly be outperformed in regards to either virtuosity as well as it´s striking simplicity. Attending to the Great American Songbook - the ballads in particular – turns out to be a real coup, because we are drawn into something we thought to know already. Before we realise what`s happening, we become witnesses of a special encounter: Two outstanding experts in their field finding their very own mutual language.

 One might easily find an assumed favorite song on this album, but next time around, there will be another one drawing the attention. Someone who does not press the repeat button for the melancholic „You Must Believe In Spring“ will probably already be indulging in „The Thrill Is Gone“ – Bingo!

Unmistakably, both musicians improvise with a broad and seemingly effortless stylistic diversity between the decades. Quotations and phrasings of Häfner, that might sound like Benny Golson or even Don Byas, almost immediately find their contemporary counterbalance. Despite acting as an accompanist here, Rainer Böhm proves that he will not for a second leave the centre of attention, his solo-parts hold an energy, that one would love to enjoy for a whole evening.

But the main feature that „Deep“ clearly exposes is respectfullness. Respect in regards to history, that accompanies and forms all of us. History presents artists like Häfner and Böhm with freedom and magnitute to overcome their limitations rather than limiting themselves. Bravi!

 Till Brönner



Lutz Häfner - Bar Talk With Bela

Lutz Häfner´s debut album in 1998, which included Joey Calderazzo, Mike Richmond and Billy Hart made a hugh impact. The names of artists he has worked with since, remind of the who´s who of jazz. He plays with Xavier Naidoo, the „Fantastischen Vier“, Heavytones, Till Brönner, Wolfgang Haffner, Ack van Royen, Frank Chastenier, the German Radio Bigbands, Udo Jürgens, Jeff „Train“ Watts, The New Jazz Baltica Ensemble, Albert Mangelsdorff, Horst Jankowski, Eva Kruse, Jeff Cascaro, Michael Wollny, MC Solaar, Guru´s Jazzmatazz, Helen Schneider, Chuck Leayell, Max Herre and many more. In October he will start touring in Germany with Joy Denalane. Lutz Häfner is one of the most sought-after saxophone players in Germany and Europe. He is not limited to jazz, but loves to explore new ground.

For this album Häfner collaborated with award winning pianist Rainer Böhm. His soft pulsing rhodes-chords join Häfner´s distinctive sax-voice, steadily moving and mixed with spirited and variable grooves. Technical brilliance and the artists` mutual understanding create a refreshing sound.

Donny McCaslin (Tenorsax)

Adam Rogers (Guitar)

Rainer Böhm (Piano & Fender Rhodes)

Scott Colley (Bass)

Jochen Rückert (Drums)